Gin & Tonic Cake


Is there anything better than a humble loaf cake?

Yes. Free-pouring gin into the mix (whilst drinking a Gin & Tonic) Ladies and gents, I present you the Gin & Tonic Cake.

Lemon-y, gin-y, moist and moreish. It went down a treat at the latest Cake & Yoga Club… If you fancy giving this a whirl as a treat for your closest G&T lover, here is the recipe:


Weigh four free-range eggs in their shells – they should end up weighing around 250g. Weigh the rest of the ingredients with the same measurements. Easy peasy lemon squeeezay.

Unsalted butter – room temp

Caster suger

Ground almonds (half)

Self raising flour (half) - option to switch to GF

1tsp baking powder

Four eggs

Six shots of gin (average guess…)

Two lemons


Icing sugar (sifted)

Juice of one lemon

A few shots of gin


Pre-heat the oven to 180°C. Prep a loaf tin with baking parchment and pop to one side.

Fist of all, weight the eggs in their shells, note it down then continute the same for the butter, sugar and flours.

Cream the butter and sugar until light in colour and fluffy.

Add in the flour mix (ground almonds and flour) gradually - whilst also adding eggs one at a time.

Sprinkle in one teaspoon of baking powder.

Add the zest of two lemons and the juice of one.

Finally, sluuuuuug in your gin. You are welcome to measure out, but it is quite fun to just let it rain let it pouuurrrr.

Bake for around 50 minutes - I usually need longer than this. Keep an eye out, you want the skewer to come out clean-ish.

Av’ a gin and tonic.

Once your bake is looking golden, pop onto a cooking rack. Once your cake has cooled completely, make little holes right through to the bottom of the cake before you pour over your icing, this will get the sweet gin and lemon icing sinking deep into the cake - laaaaaavely.


There ya have it! The cake of gin dreams.

Send us a pic over on our Instagram if you decide to get your bake on, we’d love to see your finished culinary creation!

Immy May