Sarah Malcolm


Sarah is a yoga teacher and recipe developer from London. Yoga came into her life during university where she accidentally fell in love with the practice and what it allowed her to uncover within herself.

She’s been teaching Vinyasa in London and around the world on retreats. Sarah adores creating space for all levels of yogis, from beginner to advanced; everyone is welcome. She encourages her students to find a personal practice within her classes, striving towards moving in a way that feels good for their bodies rather than looks a certain way.

She hopes to empower her students to take the yoga and space they create with her, into their everyday.

Favourite cake? A toughie but I would go for a really gooey chocolate cake (like the Bruce cake in Matilda)!

Feel good song? Matt Simmons - Catch and release

TLC tips: Take long walks without your phone 👍

Practice with Sarah on the 3rd of December from 7:30 - 8:30pm - Book your spot here

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