Melanie Bentinck


Mel is a Hackney-based Yoga Teacher and part-time Florist. She’s a keen environmentalist, so when she's not in a yoga studio teaching or practicing, she is out walking her dog Penny, picking up litter.

Yoga came into Mel’s life as a teenager and she’s been practicing on and off since. Over the last five years, yoga has become a daily practice - physically, mentally and spiritually. Over the years, Mel realised yoga should be made available to everyone.

Her role is an opportunity to provide people with the simple tools needed to explore the effects of the breath, to slow the fluctuations of the mind and to experiment with movement in a natural and safe way. Helping people to understand and accept their bodies and abilities, which takes the pressure and stress out of a class. These tools have helped her practice remarkably, by removing distractions and creating greater mental clarity and physical awareness.

Mel’s teaching style is fun and informative. She likes to talk students through the poses, so they don’t just understand the anatomy of the pose, but understand what they are supposed to feel. She approaches yoga with a light-hearted attitude, life gets too serious sometimes - yoga doesn’t have to be!

Favourite Cake?

Black Forest Gateau

Feel Good Song?

Prince - I Wanna Be Your Lover

TLC Tips:

Reading. I love nothing more than turning off all electronic devices and reading for an hour or two in the evening. It’s something I have made more time for recently as it helps me unwind and relax. If I have time some mornings, I wake up early, make myself a cuppa, sit in my comfy chair with my dog in the morning sun and read for an hour or two. Bliss!

Practice with Mel on the 5th of November from 7:30 - 8:30pm. Book your spot here.

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