Immy May


Immy is the founder of Cake & Yoga Club, and also teaches classes across London when she's not baking! Her style of teaching is a mixture of fun, relaxing with boogie-ing always thrown into the mix. There will be Paolo Santo, fairy lights and music that will make you groove. Spending an hour with yourself (within a lovely community) is so essential. Immy aims to create space for you to decompress, smile, laugh and leave feeling sparklier than you arrived.

Favourite cake? Lemon drizzle (fo’shizzle)

Feel good song? Mambo No.5 - makes me smile every time!

TLC Tips: Make sure you have phone-free time in your day. Have a entire bus journey looking out the window, get lost in a book, get lost in conversations with loved ones, get lost in your yoga practice. It is so important to disconnect in order to truly reconnect. Cake also helps, of course.

Immy May