David Kam


David Kam is a movement artist whose passion is to encourage others to #keepkam by seeking compassion in the body through curiosity and play. Threading over 10 years of movement and artistic research, he’ s a firm believer that knowledge is a rumour until it lives in the body. David actively shares his ever-evolving practice with warmth and sincerity to communities both in London and abroad.

Class with David is playful in essence, through multidimensional movement which celebrates freedom and togetherness within the company of good music. Yoga with David is as much a treat as cake!

Favourite cake?

The classic Victoria Sponge. The creamier the better.

Feed good song?

Unstoppable by Lianne la Havas

TLC Tips:

List down the little things that make you happy and make sure you do at least one thing in that list everyday.

Practice with David on Sunday 29th September from 11:15 - 1pm - Book your spot here.


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