Cake With... Nyome Williams


Nyome is one of my closest chums from university. This lass is pure JOY to me. Hilarious, supportive and making serious moves in the fashion industry. Game of Thrones obsessed, highly meditated, carpe diem kinda gal - here’s her interview.

Tell us your story…

I am a plus size model. I’m all about body positivity, inclusivity and representation within the mad fashion world. I did a media degree, which served me none! I am now pursuing my dream of modeling. For me, modeling is more than trying on clothes. I want everyone to be accepted in society, and in fashion. My journey has been one of self love, mental health and representing all women in all facets of life.

What makes you feel on top of the world?

Knowing that I’m helping people. When people come to me and say you inspired me to have confidence, to wear something or to speak about something that makes me happy. My family as well and my friends, I’ve got some good people around me, taking in allll of the good energy.

What do you feel should be spoken about more?

I think society has become quite PG. I feel like people need to have more of an understanding. If people spoke to each other more without judgement, that would be great. Going into a situation and not thinking “Oh I’m gonna offend someone” or assuming who someone is by looking at them. If we just spoke to each other because we are all humans, we are all the same underneath. The worlds in a bit of a crisis right now, I know it seems a bit dreamy for me to say this but I wish that everyone would just talk and love eachother more.

How does your day start?

I usually meditate if i remember, or i am in the mood to. I will say a few positive affirmations to myself. And then I’’ll go and watch my favourite YouTubers talk about Game of Thrones, because I am GOT obsessed! Or NFL, but that’s a different story. I like American Football, i enjoy the game and it takes my mind off anxieties.

How does your day end?

Every evening is different. I unwind, chill with my twin brothers. Take some time for myself and put my phone down to refect on the day.

One little thing that most don’t know about you?

My name spells M O N E Y

Do you have a personal quote or mantra?

Carpe Diem. Seize the day. An obvious one, but it’s so relevant to life - go and and seize it!

Nugget of advice that has stuck around?

Don’t worry about anything… If possible! But definitely anything that you can’t change. I’m quite a worrier, it’s so simple but so true, if you can change a situation by all means worry, but if not just let it go.

Your favoruite yoga pose (if you have one!) and why?

Downward facing dog! Because I love the name hehe.

Favourite cake?

Chocolate. Always chocolate.

What is on your baking bucket list?

Cheese cake but victoria sponge, all fused into one if that could even be possible?

Your ultimate TLC tips?

S e l f c a re.

If you can switch everything off. Do something that you like to do, if thats getting your nails done, going for a walk, just do something that takes care of you first and centre you as a person in whatever capacity that may be.

You can connect with the wonderful Nyome over on Instagram @curvynyome