Cake With... Katie Pix

Katie Pix YouTube Chef

It is my absolute PLEASURE to introduce you to Katie Pix. This lass is a shining light, she oozes happiness, and is an absolute BOSS in the kitchen. We met for grub (avocado, not cake this time!) yesterday and had such a lovely chinwag - there’s many golden nuggets of wisdom here, so grab ya pen and paper…

Your story so far…

I am the daughter of two chefs who gave me a unflinching love and lust of food and cooking. I cook to eat, that is my job. I studied theatre and performance at uni and wanted to be a presenter - soon realising that only Holly Willoughby and Ant & Dec were ever going to fill that category. I ended up venturing down the ‘ole marketing route, where I became Jamie Olivers social media manager.

Whilst there, the love of food got ignited again and access to a very powerful digital platform. He gave me the opportunity to do a couple of cooking videos and pop them on his YouTube channel… All the rest went from there! I am a YouTube chef.

What makes you feel on top of the world?

The best combination of things for me is family and food. If I’m sat round the dinner table with the people I love, eating food that makes me want to go back for thirds and fourths, that is the best feeling in the world.

What do you feel should be spoken about more?

I think people should learn to applaud themselves.

Social media has become a place where you can talk very openly about problems, which I think is fantastic. But equally, there is a narrative of acknowledging your faults (or what society deems as faults and weaknesses) and celebrating those ‘unlikeable’ elements with a ‘screeeew you society, we love these!’ But when you do something that society would deem as amazing, you could quite easily creep into the realm of boasting and bragging.

It’s finding that fine line on social media that I don’t think we’ve found yet, or yelling about changing our mindset for negative things, but also being comfortable enough to go ‘ya know what, I worked really hard on this and it went really well! Woohoo go me!’

A daily ritual that makes you feel good?

For me, it’s probably focussed around a cup of tea - that is how each day begins.

Feel good song?

Train - Soul Sister. It’s a bit of a cheesy one, but it was playing the first time that Simon told me he loved me… And I said it back! It’s one of those songs that I associate with really brilliant times in my life. When there’s been a happy moment we tend to play it, to lock and anchor that feeling. The moment we got engaged we played it as well! My dad always taught me about anchoring, it is related to CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), about anchoring positive feelings so that if your in a situation where you’re uncomfortable, you can return. So I tend to anchor my feelings by playing that song in my head.

A nugget of advice that has stuck around?

Yes, two! Both from my Grandpa Gordon:

1 . You die if you worry, and you die if you don’t - so why worry at all?

2. Good, better, best, never let it rest, till your good is better and your better best.

Which basically means, keep striving for more. As long as you are doing your best and putting your best out into the world, good things will come back to you.

Favourite yoga pose?

100% Childs pose.

Favourite cake?

Carrot cake with thick cream cheese frosting, rolled in walnuts.

Your ultimate TLC (tender loving care) tips?

Pay yourself a compliment out loud every day.

I did a naked photo shoot recently with Alex Cameron. I did what I think most people in their 20’s do, which is to look at yourself in the mirror and go ‘oh my god, you look rubbish’ . I look back at myself four years ago and think ‘I was crackin’ and I’d love to look like me four years ago.’ But I remember four years ago saying the same horrible crap to myself! We always look retrospectively, never in the moment to give ourselves positivity.

Over the past month, every time I look in the mirror first thing in the morning whilst I’m getting ready, I pay myself a compliment. Whether that compliment is ‘your eye colour is really nice’ or ‘Oooh! Your arms are looking quite toned!’ This practice has transformed the way I look at myself. I’m teaching my brain to pick out something positive first, so rather than looking and thinking ‘I don’t like that, I don’t like that’, I have to pay myself that compliment - now instinctively it is the first thing I’m looking for is something that makes me feel good.

You can find Katie over on her YouTube and Instagram

Immy May