Cake With... Jordan Brown (Hello Miss Jordan)


Jordan is the kindest person you could hope to meet. Full of colour, both IRL and on her glorious Instagram. She is the Disney princess that also speaks openly about the importance of mental health and looking after yourself - we need more of them!

Introduce yourself...

My name is Jordan and I'm a lifestyle blogger and Instagrammer who runs 'Hello Miss Jordan'. I love all things Disney, pink and floral!

What makes you feel on top of the world?

Any time I get to do musical theatre! I absolutely love performing more than anything and whenever I'm doing it I feel happiest.

What do you feel should be spoken about more?

Depression and how it can effect anyone. There is a huge stigma around it, especially when it can effect anyone no matter their position or privilege, but a lot of people believe that they have to have a 'reason' to be depressed. It's not the case at all and it can really affect anyone.

A daily ritual that makes you feel good?

I always use the Sanctuary 1 Minute Glow Mask in the morning and it makes me feel so fresh and ready for the day. Just doing a morning skincare routine cheers me up.

Feel good song?

Anything Disney!

A nugget of advice that has stuck around?

You can never make everybody like you, no matter how hard you try.

What is TLC to you?

To me it's about taking time for yourself to repair and reflect on elements of your life. As well as having a good pamper session sometimes!

Favourite cake?

Hummingbird cake.

A few TLC tips to takeaway?

Never feel bad about taking a break to take time to care for yourself. It's so easy to burnout and being able to take time for yourself and nobody else is so good and will help you more in the long run.

Find Jordan over on her blog, Instagram and maybe even on stage at her up-coming show!

Immy May