Cake With... Emily Hartridge


A warm welcome to the glorious Emily Hartridge. I discovered this lass many moons ago on YouTube, and she has provided me with endless chuckles ever since. Not only is Emily hilarious, but she is also making big leaps in encouraging conversations about mental health, and how to look after it.

Introduce yourself...

My name is Emily Hartridge and I am what we call a 'slasher' so I am a Youtuber/content creator/writer/personal trainer/present and ummmm… I think that's it!

What makes you feel on top of the world?

Everyday when I feel good I feel on top of the world. Going through two nervous breakdowns really makes you appreciate feeling calm and positive. It put alot of stuff into perspective for me and for that I am very grateful. Also hanging out with my niece and nephew makes me very happy and just generally spending time with my family and my boyfriend.

What do you feel should be spoken about more?

Mental health! I am on a serious mission to get people talking about it more. I can't emphasise enough about how talking about my issues has helped me over the years and the connections I have made with others because of that have been invaluable. It's ridiculous that 1 in 4 of us have mental health issues and it's STILL considered a taboo to talk about it. That HAS to to change and it WILL.

A daily ritual that makes you feel good?

I have this thing on Instagram called 'anxiety dance' which I do most mornings or especially when I feel anxious and it really makes me feel better and takes my mind off how I feel. Just whack on your favourite song as soon as you wake up and dance like nobody is watching. It's awesome. It's lucky no one is watching me because I am a terrible dancer. Oh no wait, I post them on my Instagram haha.

Feel good song?

Hall & Oates 'You make my dreams come true'

A nugget of advice that has stuck around?

I read the most amazing book called 'At last a life' by Paul David which is the best book ever written on anxiety. In the book he speaks about adrenaline and how we only have so much in our body so if you are having a panic attack, it won't continue and continue, it will always come to an end and I found that really helpful.

Also he says if you suddenly find your body filled with adrenaline and feel panicky then think of it as it's your anxiety leaving you body and escaping. I often think like that if I suddenly find myself really anxious and I like to think of it leaving me and f*cking off!

What is TLC to you?

Taking proper time to relax and do absolutely nothing. In the world today, we are all so busy and life almost seems to be a busy competition of who is the busiest. I used to be busy all the time and doing nothing was my idea of a nightmare. But now there is nothing more I enjoy that having the flat to myself, lighting some candles and just doing NOTHING. Infact that is heaven to me and it's nice I allow myself to do that now.

Favourite cake?

I don't really eat cake so I would say the vegan doughnuts from 'Doughnut Time' are LEGIT

A few TLC tips to takeaway?

Be kind to yourself in moments of stress, as if you were looking after your younger self. Cry when you need to, it's a great release and you always feel a little better after. Surround yourself with people you trust and who really care about you. And finally, TALK. If you feel bad talking it out really does genuinely help.

You can find Emily over on her Instagram, and her YouTube!

Immy May