Cake With... Claire Sanderson


Women’s Health Magazine has been a staple of mine for many years. I have a copy delivered to my doorstep each month which I love - especially as these days we absorb so much from our screens, sitting down and devouring a magazine with a big mug of tea is such a pleasure.

Over the past few years I have noticed a change in Women’s Health Magazine (WH), and I believe the change is down to Claire Sanderson, WH’s Editor-in-Chief. Opening up an honest conversation around mental health and recently launching ‘Project Body Love’, a campaign to change the language of body confidence for UK women and girls. Equipping women with the tools to be kinder towards themselves, learning how to navigate away from negative self talk, and encouraging future generations to do the same. Spreading the art of TLC far and wide!

Here is our interview…

What makes you feel on top of the world?

Hearing my children laughing and playing together. And also a hard HIIT class. My favourite is Orangetheory. I train at their Winchester club.

Something you feel should be spoken about more?

I am a proud and outspoken advocate of more open conversation about mental health. Having been in hospital twice with depression for a total of 11 weeks, I firmly believe honest discussion about mental illness is essential.

A daily ritual that makes you feel good?

A big cup of coffee on the sofa with my kids as soon as I get up.

A song that lifts your spirits?

Hands down ‘I’ve had the time of my life’. Dirty Dancing is my all time favourite film.

Piece of advice that has stuck around?

Be proud of your accent. It makes you stand out. (I have a very strong welsh accent)

What is TLC to you?

Moving more and eating better. When I’m achieving both everything else falls into place.

Do you have a favourite cake?

Red velvet with cream cheese frosting. It was my wedding cake.

Your ultimate TLC tips to takeaway?

Be kind to yourself. As women we are so critical of ourselves, far worse than we ever would be to another person. Silence your inner critic and celebrate your little achievements.

You can connect with Claire over on her Instagram and Women’s Health.

Immy May